Flooring 101

The Best Floors for Open Concept Designs

vinyl flooring in living room | flooring 101

Perfect for connecting the shared functional areas of the modern home, open concept floor plans in residential settings have become an extremely popular layout with builders and homeowners alike. The open design concept typically includes some combination of the kitchen, dining, and living room spaces used by all the residents in the home, often at…

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Your Guide to Kitchen Flooring

kitchen flooring

As the heart of the home and usually the most frequently used room, your kitchen is a special area cherished equally for function and coziness. An attractive kitchen is both inviting and perfect for creating memories such as cooking new recipes with loved ones or sharing a meaningful conversation over morning coffee. With so many…

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Use Flooring to Make a Small Room Look Larger

tile flooring

We cherish the timeless design and architectural features of older-style homes such as mid-century modern, but sometimes an older floorplan features rooms that are much smaller by today’s standards. If your home has spaces that feel cramped or not as open as you would prefer, consider how you can use savvy flooring materials to provide…

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Perfect Carpet Colors for a Relaxing Bedroom Design

bedroom carpet

Your home is a sanctuary, the ultimate place to relax and unwind no matter what the world has thrown at you. Within the household, there is no room where that’s more significant than the bedroom. To create a calm, restful environment, you can choose your favorite design preferences for a magical, majestic master bedroom. Settling on the details, from selecting the proper lighting to choosing the right bedroom carpet – the texture, color, and pile – will simply require inspiration and intention! Whether…

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Creating a Flex Space in Your Home

flex space

Many homeowners have a room in the home that can fluctuate in purpose over the years. What may have started as a nursery or playroom can evolve into an office, home gym, yoga room, theater, or a room devoted to a hobby or business. In today’s thriving real estate world these rooms are referred to as “flex” rooms to…

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The Best Carpeting for the Living Room 

living room carpet

Whether the carpeting in your living room has seen better days or you’re just ready for a style change, shopping for new living room carpet is an important investment. Durable enough to handle constant activity yet stylish enough to turn heads when hosting, your living room carpet will ideally shine while providing soft performance. When it’s time to look for the best…

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How to Properly Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

lvt cleaning | Flooring 101

The installers have packed up their tools and your furniture is moved back in place. Your gorgeous, durable vinyl plank floors are completely installed and ready to be put through their paces. Children, pets, high traffic – your vinyl plank flooring can handle it all!   Do you know how to clean vinyl plank flooring so that it will still look as good as the day it was installed? Here are four tips for…

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Ceramic Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen Backsplash

ceramic tile kitchen backsplash in california | Flooring 101

With all of the time that your family will spend in the kitchen, consider creating a ceramic tile kitchen backsplash that’s not just functional, but also beautiful and supportive of the overall design scheme! The backsplash is an essential feature in your kitchen which, in addition to protecting the area behind the sink from water…

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Laminate Flooring vs. Luxury Vinyl

laminate and vinyl flooring | Flooring 101

If you’re in the process of a home remodel, room renovation, or design refresh, there’s no doubt that you have come across fantastic laminate and luxury vinyl flooring options as possible solutions for your project. Both of these budget-friendly choices offer quick, efficient installation, excellent performance, and eye-catching hardwood and stone visuals. So how do you know which…

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Top Trends in Waterproof Flooring 

waterproof flooring | Flooring 101

For all the times that you’ve discovered a puddle on your floor, with no idea when or how it got there, waterproof flooring is the solution that you have been dreaming about! Modern innovation has produced incredible waterproof resilient and hard surface options that can handle unexpected spills, pet accidents, and high-humidity levels with ease. With these valuable…

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