Flooring 101: Featured Brand Of The Month: Karastan

Each month, Flooring 101 aims to help celebrate with and educate on one of many beloved brands. We love our featured brands and want you to love them, too! By learning more about these fantastic companies’ backgrounds and products, we’re helping our customers make more informed decisions regarding the flooring they want within their homes. 

This month, we’re proud to feature Karastan products. 

At Flooring 101, we’re proud to offer Karastan carpet and area rugs. 

Learn more about the history of Karastan, the benefits of Karastan products, and some of Karastan’s top products below. 

When finished, browse our fantastic selection of Karastan either online or in-store!

The History Of Karastan

Karastan products are “built to live and grow with you,” for over 90 years, they have constructed products that do just that. Karastan products exist at the intersection of quality and innovation. Boasting unparalleled craftsmanship and bespoke stylings that will only grow better with age, trust Karastan products to age gracefully with you and your family. 

By offering products that are “inspired by the world,” Karastan brings a global approach to the look and feel of their products. Whether you’re interested in their carpets or area rugs, each Karastan product is crafted carefully and offers unbeatable durability and beauty. 

Karastan carpets and rugs are constructed by living, breathing human beings here in the United States. Karastan products are made by people just like you, who care about quality, style, and permanence.

The Benefits Of Karastan 

  • An innovative company with a track record of creating beautiful and durable products
  • Products can function well in a variety of settings, including home, home office, business, and other commercial spaces
  • Products are constructed with quality materials and made with great care by experienced professionals 
  • A diverse roster of soft and hard surface products that provide a variety of looks and feels

What Are Karastan’s Top Products?

Karastan SmartStrand Carpet

One of Karastan’s most popular products is its SmartStrand carpet. SmartStrand is a durable, attractive carpet that specializes in handling all of life’s challenges and messes. With permanent built-in stain and soil protection, SmartStrand is the perfect flooring option for families with small children or pets. SmartStrand is another excellent example of Karastan’s continued desire to innovate.

Karastan Wool Carpet

Karastan wool carpet offers durability and beauty in the home. With long, luxurious rug fibers providing strength, crush resistance, and longevity in the home, you’ll love Karastan’s selection of wool carpets. Karastan also offers wool rugs as well. 

For a comfortable and easy-to-maintain flooring option, shop Karastan’s wool products today.

Karastan Nylon Carpet

By offering stellar performance and fantastic durability, Karastan’s nylon carpet selection will surely make you smile. Consider Karastan’s nylon products in your home for a refined and pleasant texture. Karastan’s recent Kashmere nylon carpet is another example of the company’s forward-thinking products. 

Karastan At Flooring 101

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