The Beauty of Carpet

An experience for the senses.

The Joy of Carpeting

Carpet is warm and welcoming, quiet, and comforting … it’s no wonder that it continues to be the flooring of choice in many areas of the home. Carpet is soft underfoot, providing a comfortable place to sit and play. It also provides secure footing and a more forgiving surface in case of falls. Additionally, carpeting provides insulation value, brings warmth to your living spaces, and dampens sound, making for a more peaceful home.

Dog on pet friendly carpet | Flooring 101
Child with toys on grey carpet | Flooring 101
Family playing on carpet | Flooring 101


Not sure what sort of carpet you want in your home? Get inspired by our gallery of rooms featuring carpet.

Family on carpeting | Flooring 101
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about carpeting, you're not alone! We've compiled our answers to many of the most common questions we hear from our customers about carpeting.


Care & Maintenance

Carpet fibers are designed to resist soil and stains, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for regular cleaning. Follow a good carpet care & maintenance routine to prolong the beauty and life of your carpet. It’ll also maintain good indoor air quality and keep your warranties intact.

Kids with dog playing on carpet | Flooring 101
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Ready for installation day? Consult our guide and get prepared before your expert installation crew arrives.


Everything you need to know about carpet

Warm, soft & inviting.


Carpet Styles

With an array of styles and colors, you’re sure to find carpet that’s absolutely perfect for you, your home, and your family’s budget at Flooring 101.

Textured Carpet | Flooring 101


Textured carpet is woven with tight cables and features different types of patterns.

Frieze Carpet | Flooring 101


Frieze carpet lends itself well to hiding traffic marks and pet hair, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Loop Carpet | Flooring 101


Loop carpets combine different colored fibers together which helps hide traffic patterns and soiling.

Pattern Carpet | Flooring 101


Patterned carpet features a combination of cut fibers and loops that create patterns and textures.