Luxury vinyl care & maintenance tips

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How to clean luxury vinyl floors

After purchasing and having your new luxury vinyl floor installed, your next thought will be How do I keep it looking new?

The right cleaning and maintenance routine is imperative to keeping and maintaining the beauty of your new floor. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort.

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Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaning Tips

Manufacturer's Guide

Read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. This is the first and easiest step to a long-lasting, like-new floor. Yet so many of us skip this step. No one knows a floor better than the people who made it, so take the time read the installation instructions.


Place walk-off mats at exterior entrances, both inside and out. Avoid coco-fiber, rubber- and latex-backed mats as they may cause staining and discoloration of the floor.


A mop and warm water will usually be enough to clean luxury vinyl floors. For more thorough cleaning, use a product recommended by the manufacturer.


Sweep or vacuum a couple of times a week. The dirt and grit tracked in is abrasive and will eventually dull the floor’s finish over time in high-traffic areas.


Use felt protectors if moving heavy objects across the floor. Use non-staining floor protectors, cups or glides under furniture legs to avoid creating permanent indentations.


Spills should always be cleaned up immediately to avoid any residue or spots and stains. A number of common products such as nail polish, lipstick and permanent markers can cause discoloration, so any contact they have with luxury vinyl should be addressed right away. If you’re not sure how to clean luxury vinyl floors when a potential stain presents itself, visit the manufacturer’s website.


How can I prevent scratching, denting or tearing to my luxury vinyl floor?
 To begin with, be sure to keep dust and dirt off of your floor when possible. This means frequent sweeping or vacuuming. But be careful – vacuum cleaners with a beater bar can scratch the surface of your flooring, as can scrub brushes. To further prevent scratches and tears, be sure to use felt pads on the bottom of furniture and invest in carpets or throw rugs designed specifically for LVT floors.

Can I replace damaged luxury vinyl tiles?
 – Yes, you can! We recommend that when purchasing LVT tile, you buy a few extra tiles that can be used as replacements in the future. You can remove damaged flooring tiles by heating them with a hair dryer and scoring with a utility knife. Once you’ve done that, use a putty knife to pry out the tile and scrape residues from the floor. Finally, simply place the new tile in where you removed the old one. If you have more detailed questions, please feel free to contact a sales rep at any of our Flooring 101 locations.

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