How to Clean Area Rugs at Home

The flooring in our homes must withstand a lot. Between the foot traffic of an entire family, the bodily functions of pets, and the spills and stains associated with entertaining, we all know that accidents will occur on our floors.

woman cleaning area rug

Whether it be hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, carpet, or in this case, a beautiful area rug, knowing how to properly clean your floor coverings is essential to keeping them in top shape.

Area rugs offer homeowners the ability to add style to any room. Chic, low maintenance, and low cost, rugs are a great way to dress up an old space. Like any flooring option, routine care and maintenance is required to keep your area rug looking its best.

Here is how to clean your area rug at home:

1) Vacuum to Remove Dirt and Other Debris

You’ll want to start by vacuuming your area rug on both sides to help remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris.

2) Test Your Cleaner Then Fully Shampoo

With your area rug now vacuumed and all dirt and debris excised, it’s time for the shampooing to begin. Whether you opt for a store-bought rug cleaner or a homemade concoction, be sure to test the mixture on a small part of the rug before shampooing the entire thing. Testing your cleaning product first helps to ensure that the colors on your area rug won’t bleed.

Once you’ve properly tested the cleaner, begin working it into the area rug. Using either a brush or a sponge, make your way across the area rug, stopping when you have successfully sudsed the entire thing. When finished, allow the solution to soak in for about ten minutes.

3) Hose Off the Area Rug

After the waiting period has passed, hose off the cleaning solution from your area rug. You’ll know you’ve sufficiently hosed it off when all the excess suds have been removed.

4) Allow The Area Rug to Air Dry

Once you’ve hosed off the rug, it’s time to let it dry out. To expedite this process, you may want to consider squeegeeing excess water from the area rug. However, this is not a requirement.

When one side of the area rug has dried, flip it over to the other side and allow that to dry.

5) Vacuum Again

With your area rug now fully dry, vacuum it one final time to help loosen up the fibers and return it to its natural-looking state. Once completed, your rug is ready to return to its original location, now cleaned and looking its best!

The Best Area Rug Is a Clean Area Rug

Area rugs can help dress up any room in a home. A low maintenance, low-cost flooring option, area rugs do not require the frequent upkeep needed for other flooring options. With that said, giving your area rug a good clean every few months can go a long way toward keeping it looking its best and functioning as it should. By providing your area rug with love semi-regularly, you can help ensure that it stays as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

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