More Flooring Options To Consider For Your Commercial Space

Whether you’re a business owner, a building owner, or a key decision-maker at your workplace, creating the right environment for your commercial space is incredibly important. Creating an optimal setting can differentiate between winning or losing a new customer.

When it comes to flooring in a commercial space, it must be durable, aesthetically appealing, functional, and easy to maintain. The right flooring can promote productivity from the staff within the space while also helping to create an environment where your prospective customer enjoys spending time inside. In short, consider the type of flooring you install when deciding on designing your commercial space.

If you missed part one of our discussion on flooring options for your commercial space, read it today! This blog post will highlight three excellent flooring options for your commercial space. Considering each type of flooring and its inherent benefits, you can make a more educated decision when/if the time comes.

Commercial Hardwood Flooring

Ideal for upscale offices, commercial spaces, hospitality, homes, apartments, condominiums, retail environments, etc.

Commercial hardwood flooring brings striking knots, unique grainings, warm tones, and a real sense of character to any space. Both luxurious and easy to maintain, commercial hardwood flooring offers the perfect balance between style and functionality and is sure to turn heads wherever it is installed. Also worth mentioning, installing hardwood will help add value to a commercial property at resale time, making it a sound investment. With hardwood, there are a variety of species, plank sizes, looks, patterns, grainings, and overall types to choose from, some of which are better suited for business use than others. For more information on that, consult the team at Flooring 101. Overall, hardwood will provide rustic charm and natural beauty to any commercial space.

Commercial Laminate Flooring

Ideal for offices, banks, hospitality, commercial shopping, homes, apartments, condominiums, etc.

Commercial laminate flooring is a realistic hardwood and stone alternative with impressive durability, moisture resistance, and affordability. Commercial laminate flooring offers breathtaking visuals in a flooring that promises performance day in and day out. Easy to install, easy to care for, and easy on your wallet, it’s no wonder more and more commercial spaces are opting for laminate flooring. It should be noted that water resistance levels vary between products, so talk to the team at Flooring 101 before deciding on a laminate for your commercial space. Laminate is a trendy and durable flooring option for any commercial space.

Commercial Tile Flooring

Ideal for upscale offices, commercial spaces, hospitality, homes, apartments, condominiums, retail environments, etc.

Commercial tile flooring offers timeless, soothing layouts that bring durability, moisture resistance, and much more to any commercial setting. Elegant, classy, and highly customizable, commercial tile flooring adds a sense of style and sophistication wherever it is installed. With decorative mosaics and a virtually endless array of shades to select from, tile flooring also allows the shopper to let their personality shine through their flooring. Few other flooring options can offer the durability, ease of maintenance, and overall beauty of tile flooring.

The Best Commercial Flooring For You

If you want to talk about commercial flooring or learn more about the benefits of hardwood, laminate, or tile in your commercial space, contact Flooring 101 today!