4 Reasons Why You Need Entry Mats for Your Home

Using Entry Mats | Flooring 101

After all the material, color, texture, and pattern decisions that you make when completing a new design refresh or designing a home, it’s easy to overlook one more key selection for your home. Before you, residents, or guests ever step foot in the home, they should see charming entry mats in front of every outside entrance! Much more than just a way to ‘Welcome,’ these valuable protectors will help maintain your new flooring investments and prolong their blemish-free appearance.

Similarly to how area rugs will enhance your interior décor and provide a barrier for your floors underneath, entry mats offer key protection from the outdoor elements. Especially when you look at the benefits that entry mats bring versus how little they cost to purchase, these additions are an absolute must-have! Here are four reasons why you need entry mats for your home:

1. Entry Mats Provide Moisture Barriers

Using Entry Mats | Flooring 101

When it comes to rain, thunderstorms, snowy days, winter slush, dewy yards, puddles, and every type of outdoor moisture in between, entry mats immediately help minimize the amount of moisture that reaches your floors indoors! Unless you have waterproof flooring throughout the home, moisture can cause problems for flooring materials like genuine wood or create slippery conditions on tile or stone floor. Always encourage guests and residents alike to wipe and dry their footwear on your entry mats, and that goes double during rainy or snowy weather conditions.

2. Entry Mats Remove Abrasive Offenders

Using Entry Mats | Flooring 101

One of the biggest potential offenders to your floors are micro particles that can become abrasive when dragged across the surface and create scratches. These pesky particles can include dirt, sand, small rocks, gravel, dust, pet dander, pet claws, and more! Even with the toughest finishes and wear-layers, preventing abrasive bits from ever touching your floors will help provide the best long-term protection. In addition to putting an entry mat on the inside of every entranceway, you can look for entry mats with grooves that help remove abrasive particles out of sneaker and boot treads.

3. Entry Mats Prevent Stains & Odors

Entry mats are already exceptionally valuable by preventing surface abrasion and liquid damage but will also help stop stains and odors from developing. This will become especially important for carpet lovers! Your entry mats can help you keep odiferous substances like animal waste, smashed food, gasoline, and oil from getting worked into your plush carpet pile or from touching your hard surface floors. Some of these odor-causing agents are extremely hard to notice so using entry mats is beyond important to prevent unwanted smells and stains on your floors.

4. Entry Mats Provide Style

Using Entry Mats | Flooring 101

We love rotating area rugs indoors to help refresh familiar spaces throughout the year, whether it’s to reflect the current season, a holiday, a specific theme, or a special occasion. Modern entry mats offer just as many style opportunities, and you can use them in a similar fashion! Whether it’s to reflect a playful aspect of your personality or extend your interior aesthetic to your porch or patio, use entry mats to add style and engaging visuals to your household entrances.

Make sure to add stylish, helpful entry mats to your front door, porches, garages, and mudrooms for all the important reasons listed above. Explore our rug shop to find the perfect entry mat options and materials that will your spaces all year round!