5 Ways To Make A Room Seem Larger With Flooring

In a home, not all rooms are created equal. Some have sprawling living rooms that offer considerable space for lounging and bedrooms the size of broom closets, and some have the exact opposite. No home is perfect, and with the market as competitive as it has been over the past few years, many have had to make accommodations while in pursuit of homeownership, with room size being one of the many sacrifices buyers are forced to make. But fear not, as a homeowner, you do have the ability to make your room seem more significant. No, not by way of a major renovation, add-on, or removal of walls, but through the flooring you select. 

This blog post will highlight the top tips for making your room seem bigger with flooring.

Choose larger planks

When you choose larger flooring planks, either by way of hardwood, vinyl, or laminate, you can actively make your room feel larger. Here’s how: wider planks mean fewer lines and crevasses in your flooring. The fewer the lines, the less busy your flooring looks and feels. When you’re room doesn’t look busy or feel cramped or chaotic, it brings about feelings of tranquility and space; if you can select plank size when purchasing flooring, remember that bigger is always better. 

Go with diagonal patterns

Diagonal and criss-cross patterned floors help to give a room a more continuous look. It’s an optical illusion/flooring hack that tricks the eyes into thinking a room goes on further and longer than it is/does. When deciding on flooring patterns or designs in a small room, remember the power of diagonal patterns!

Opt for white or light-colored flooring

Light-colored flooring gives your room an open and airy feel that darker colors can’t match. This openness makes for a space that feels larger and less cramped than it is. Opting for furniture that is bold and distinctly different from your white floors will help further to promote an airy feel in the room in question. White, off-white, and cream-colored floors should all have this expansive effect on your flooring.

Consider an area rug

Much like light-colored fools, light-colored rugs can make a room feel bigger than it is. This is especially true if the floors beneath are dark. Lines and stripes on area rugs can also help to make a room seem bigger. Textured rugs can also have the same effect. Placing an area rug between two rooms can also help to bring the two spaces together in a more cohesive way, promoting a better flow and making the two rooms appear as one. Area rugs are an affordable way to make any room in your home feel bigger than it actually is. 

Choose the same flooring for every room

This one is simple: when every room in your home has the same flooring, every room appears as though it flows into another, making smaller spaces feel larger and larger rooms seem massive.  

No matter what your flooring choice is, the team at Flooring 101 has your back. Contact us for more information on flooring that can help make your room seem larger today!