Can Flooring Help Small Rooms Feel Larger?

Flooring For Smaller Spaces | Flooring 101

If you have a cherished space in the home that doesn’t have as much square footage as you would prefer, you can take key considerations to make the room feel less cramped! Maybe it’s a small guest bathroom, kitchenette, laundry room, or office space that you are designing. If the dimensions are tight, we recommend some savvy tips for flooring, lighting, color schemes, and design solutions to help create more roomy appeal.

So, can flooring help small rooms feel larger? We definitely believe it can! Read along for more valuable ideas to maximize the space in your home:

The Best Flooring to Help a Room Feel Larger

Flooring For Smaller Spaces | Flooring 101

Start by searching for longer, wider hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl planks, as well as large-format tile sizes. By reducing the number of overall lines in a floor, it will help produce a more open look for the room. Use directional installations and angles such as diagonal stripe, chevron, or herringbone to frame the perspective to the furthest corner. You can also try installing longer planks lengths along the shortest wall to help create the illusion of a bigger floor!

What Flooring Colors Make Rooms Feel Larger?

Flooring For Smaller Spaces | Flooring 101

To avoid making a room feel smaller than it already it is, avoid a darker flooring color palette which will be medium to dark tones. Start your flooring color search with cream, blondes, light greys, greige, light brown, and whitewashed tones to open up the room! Lighter flooring colors combined with fewer seams in the finished floor will help create a spacious feel. If your rooms receive plenty of natural light, you will have more flooring color options to design with. You can use a patterned or medium-colored backsplash to provide balance and keep the layout from feeling washed out.

Using Lighting to Make a Room Feel Larger

Flooring For Smaller Spaces | Flooring 101

No matter what flooring choice you find to help a room feel larger, it’s extremely important to create plenty of lighting to brighten up the interior. If natural lighting is hard to come by, explore all the useful artificial lighting sources that can add illumination. Fashion-forward lighting solutions include dimmable recessed lights, under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, track lights, or pendants. Using light effectively will display more of your room and your gorgeous floors.

Design Solutions That Help Rooms Feel Larger

Flooring For Smaller Spaces | Flooring 101

Once you have your favorite flooring and lighting options selected, all your other fixtures, appliances, and finishes in the room should balance the overall feel. Consider matte and low-gloss material finishes that enhance natural lighting and blend in seamlessly. If there are cabinets in the room, glass cabinet doors can help create depth! Matching color undertones is always a wise step to achieving harmony and avoiding overwhelming the room. Organizational solutions like shelving systems, drawer dividers, baskets, and mail holders will keep your counters clear and looking bigger. Ultimately, a clean, uncluttered visual will achieve the largest appearance for any room!

By prioritizing your flooring, lighting, and organization, you can help your smaller spaces feel roomier and enjoy spending time indoors even more. Contact Flooring 101 or visit any one of our seven Flooring 101 locations when you need help designing an ideal layout.