Ceramic Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen Backsplash

With all of the time that your family will spend in the kitchen, consider creating a ceramic tile kitchen backsplash that’s not just functional, but also beautiful and supportive of the overall design scheme!

The backsplash is an essential feature in your kitchen which, in addition to protecting the area behind the sink from water damage, is a major visual component. A backsplash will typically extend around the counter area and in on the wall behind the stove, filling the space from the countertop up to the base of the kitchen cabinets. In some kitchens, depending on the design, the backsplash material can even reach up to the ceiling.

Ceramic tile is a natural fit for this decoratively important area of the kitchen, perfect for crafting unique kitchen backsplashes. Tile is durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, and manufactured in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles, textures, and finishes to suit any décor. Let’s look at the factors the come into play when selecting the ceramic tile for your kitchen backsplash.


If you want your backsplash to be a focal design element in the kitchen, you may want to choose a bright, dramatic, or eye-catching color. Is the backsplash instead going to be playing a supporting role in your kitchen design? Look for more subdued or neutral shades to create your ceramic tile kitchen backsplash. You will want to make sure to take into consideration the color of your kitchen counters. A backsplash is installed directly next to the counters, and the tile color needs to complement the adjacent surface for a balanced design.


Creating visual interest with your backsplash is exceptionally easy by using ceramic tiles with geometric patterns or tile with designs imprinted on them. You can also make a statement by creating a patterned layout with the tiles or combining plain ceramic tiles with tiles imprinted with a pattern or design.


You can find ceramic tile in every shape imaginable, from classic squares and rectangles to hexagons and diamonds, circles, ovals, and arabesques. Using either standard or non-standard-shaped ceramic tiles, you can create sensational patterns, including fish scale, basketweave, or chevron.


Manufacturers produce ceramic tile in a wide selection of sizes ranging from the size of a penny to large-format tiles. The tile size you choose depends on your kitchen backsplash space and even the tile color, design, or pattern. For example, using large-format tile for a backsplash in a smaller kitchen area can be one way to create an illusion of more space.

Finishes & Textures

Glossy finishes have a more polished, formal look, while matte finishes look more casual. Tile with a matte finish has the added benefit of hiding water spots and fingerprints, making cleanups easier. Tiles with rough, rippled, or gritty textures will create visual interest, but keep in mind that textured tiles can be more challenging to clean.

Long-lasting, cost-efficient, and stylish, there are plenty of outstanding reasons why ceramic tile is an excellent and extremely popular choice for creating a custom ceramic tile kitchen backsplash. If you have any questions, make sure to call our experts and they will help you explore tile inspiration for your home!