Choosing New Flooring for a Home Office

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With many modern companies offering more remote and hybrid work positions, the value of having a well-designed home office means more than ever. Whether you complete all your work at home or you just need a designated area to be productive on the weekend, a home office can help you balance life at home more effectively. Also, a home office offers a space that’s suited to the needs of your job that will minimize distractions and help increase your overall productivity when working from home.

When creating a personalized home office, think about all your preferences and the type of environment that will encourage your best output. Choosing new flooring for a home office needs to support the conditions of the space and also match the aesthetic of the entire household. If you need your office to turn into a playroom or rec room later, it might be better to design with a ‘flex’ space in mind. For all these considerations, here are some of our best tips for choosing new home office floors:

Choosing Home Office Location

Where is your office located in the home? If your home office is directly adjacent to the rooms that lean into your design aesthetic the most such as the living room, family room, or dining room, it is even more important to make sure your office flooring matches as well. If your home office is more contained or in the basement, you can lean into a more custom design and unique flooring options from the rest of the home! Take the amount of natural light your office area receives into consideration, as well as the square footage of the room, to make sure your office flooring choice doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Choosing Durable Office Flooring

Since office furniture such as desks, storage cabinets, and hutches are some of the heaviest pieces that you will have in the home, we recommend choosing a durable office floor that can resist dents and support your furniture. In the interest of spilled coffee, food, or ink while working, a proper level of stain resistance if also a great benefit to have from your flooring. Versatile surfaces like laminate and luxury vinyl will be excellent options for a home office that can be flexible down the line. For flooring investments like hardwood, tile, or low-profile carpet, it’s important to use protective mats for your office chairs. We always recommend using stylish area rugs to add a pop of visual interest, soft texture, and extra protection for your home office floors.

Choosing Office Flooring Color & Style

Your home office flooring color and style choices can most easily enhance your intellectual creativity and the feel you aim to craft. A bright, airy wood or stone visual can help a space feel more open, whereas darker colors can craft a traditional or rustic feel. Grey, greige, beige, and cream are all easy-to-match neutrals that will fit a wide variety of design schemes from modern and contemporary to farmhouse and formal. Explore an installation pattern such as herringbone, parquet, or chevron as a subtle way to add creativity to a calming neutral flooring color. Pops of bold color and pattern from area rugs will then add energy, vibrancy, and tranquility as preferred.

Choosing Flooring For Office In A Basement

Many home offices are located in the basement of the property, and this area will benefit from flooring that can handle moisture effectively. Waterproof flooring is a great fit for a basement home office, as is laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. These flooring options allow you to have the attractive visual you desire while also offering below-grade suitability. Your basement is often the first area of the home affected by heavy rainfall and flooding, so easy to-maintain flooring that is prepared for high-moisture conditions is extremely ideal!

Once you complete your home office workstation with proper lighting, organization solutions, chairs, and other items, it’s time to get to work! Feel free to contact Flooring 101 or visit any one of our seven Flooring 101 locations for any assistance creating your home office layout.