Creating a Flex Space in Your Home

Many homeowners have a room in the home that can fluctuate in purpose over the years. What may have started as a nursery or playroom can evolve into an office, home gym, yoga room, theater, or a room devoted to a hobby or business. In today’s thriving real estate world these rooms are referred to as “flex” rooms to indicate the flexibility in purpose as needed by the residents. When it comes to defining what is flex space in a home, the answer can change frequently according to the whims of the household as frequently as preferred! Here are a few great ideas for creating a flex space in your home.


Since a flex room can potentially change from an office to a fitness room, it will require the durability and scratch resistance to handle heavy furniture and office chairs, as well as heavy workout equipment, moisture from sweat and drinks, and active foot traffic. Versatile flooring options like Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile (LVP/LVT) such as Oceanside Waterproof Flooring carried exclusively at Flooring 101, can provide the water-resistance, durability, and easy maintenance to support both types of rooms! Also, the stone or wood visuals that these planks present will still carry enough superior style to support different décor schemes over the years.  

Easy-To-Maintain Carpet

Carpet may not seem like the most multi-use flooring option, but the right combination of carpet fiber and construction can support a variety of different room functions while still delivering softness and warmth. Whereas super plush carpets won’t be as resilient against different activities, a cut and loop carpet construction can handle high traffic and even playtime with pets and kids. Featuring both cut pile and loop pile fibers, this construction adds texture, helps hide dirt and stains in between cleanings, and stays looking newer for longer. For protection against stains, snags, and pet accidents, polyester and nylon are excellent fibers to explore for a multi-purpose flex space.   

Area Rugs

If the flex space in your home features hard surface flooring, you can use chic area rugs to instantly add softness and help transform the feel if the room when you are ready to repurpose it. In addition to lending ample style, comfort, and warmth, area rugs are valuable protectors of your floors underneath from stains, scratches, and dropped items. This will help incredibly well if your child’s playroom will one day become a study, modern office, or mancave. Did we mention that area rugs help insulate sound? Find your favorite option here and use these gorgeous pieces to help refresh your flex space no matter who gets to currently claim the room!   

Are you ready to explore what a flex space would look like in your home? Call our flooring experts today and visit one of our showrooms to view our wide-ranging flooring options that will capture your new favorite room function.