Flooring 101 Featured Brand Of The Month: Dixie Home

Each month, Flooring 101 aims to help celebrate with and educate on one of many beloved brands. We love our featured brands and want you to love them too! By learning more about these amazing companies’ backgrounds and products, we’re helping our customers make more informed decisions regarding the flooring they want within their homes. 

For our first featured brand blog, we will highlight Dixie Home. 

At Flooring 101, we’re proud to feature Dixie Home carpet and area rugs. Learn more about the history of Dixie Home, top Dixie Home products, and more below. When finished, browse our amazing selection of Dixie Home offerings in-store or online.  

The History of Dixie Home 

Over the last 20 years, Dixie Home has made a name for itself with its impressive selection of high-quality carpet flooring. With contemporary patterns with decadent movement to intriguing textures and traditional velvets, Dixie Home’s carpet and area rug selection will surely meet your needs. Dixie Home has become a go-to carpet and area rug provider these past two decades by providing homeowners with contemporary flooring looks that last. But there’s more to Dixie Home than just their breathtaking visuals. As a company, their advanced manufacturing process ensures that their products provide a home with the perfect blend of beauty and performance. Dixie Home products exist at the intersection of affordable and elegant. 

By constructing their carpets and rugs with premium materials throughout the manufacturing process, Dixie Home products are built to last. For a flooring product that is high-quality, fashionable, and sure to last, consider Dixie Home carpet or area rugs for your home. Learn more about top Dixie Home products below! 

The Benefits Of Dixie Home Flooring:

  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and looks
  • Durable for a soft-surface flooring option
  • Low-maintenance and requires only basic vacuuming and spill treatment to continue looking great

What Are Dixie Home’s Top Products?

Durasilk PET Polyester Carpet

Durasilk™ PET Polyester will add style and sophistication to your home. This premium branded yarn allows Dixie carpets to utilize superior materials in manufacturing to create a wide array of attractive and performance-driven flooring options. Make a statement in your home with unique patterns or geometric shapes, or go for a more laid-back and casual feel with something more muted and understated. With Durasilk, Dixie Home offers families the latest trends, patterns, and colors in performance-driven flooring, ready to tackle all of life’s messes. 

EnVisionsSD Pet Solutions

Take care of your pets with EnVisionsSD Pet Solutions from Dixie Carpets. These carpets are made from 100% solution-dyed EnVision® BCF Nylon and are helping to raise the bar when it comes to pet protection. Offering both fade resistance and advanced coloring. EnVisionsSD Pet Solutions has both function and beauty at every turn. But fear not! This flooring does not sacrifice performance for beauty or vice versa. EnVisionsSD Pet Solutions is the perfect flooring for the entire family, furry friends included. 

Dixie Home Flooring At Flooring 101

If you’re interested in learning more about our impressive selection of Dixie Home flooring, we invite you to browse our selection. Contact us today for questions about Dixie Home or other fantastic flooring brands.