Flooring 101 Featured Brand Of The Month: Masland

Each month, Flooring 101 aims to help celebrate with and educate on one of many beloved brands. We love our featured brands and want you to love them, too! By learning more about these fantastic companies’ backgrounds and products, we’re helping our customers make more informed decisions regarding the flooring they want within their homes. 

This month’s featured brand blog will highlight Masland

At Flooring 101, we’re proud to feature Masland carpet, vinyl, and area rugs. Learn more about the history of Masland, top Masland products, and more below. When finished, browse our fantastic selection of Masland offerings in-store or online.  

The History of Masland

Masland Carpets & Rugs was founded in 1866 in Pennsylvania. As such, it is one of the country’s oldest and most established flooring brands. As the leading carpet manufacturer in the United States, Masland and its fine assortment of products are synonymous with quality and durability. But don’t let Masland’s age fool you; as a company, Masland is on the cutting edge of all things carpet, vinyl, and area rugs. Boasting state-of-the-art technology and distribution plants totaling over 1 million square feet, Masland continues to innovate and improve on its already successful practices. With the continued goal of providing customers with products that last longer, look better, and are even easier to maintain, you can trust Masland to provide you with a range of fantastic flooring options. 

As a company, Masland values its rich history while remaining a future-focused company committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. As a leader in quality since 1866, Masland continues to up its game and products with each passing year.

The Benefits Of Masland: 

  • Offers durable, attractive flooring products
  • It boasts a rich history of quality and success
  • Innovative products 
  • Affordability 
  • Fantastic service and support

What Are Masland’s Top Products?

1866 Carpet by Masland

Masland’s 1866 carpet line, named after the year the company was founded, aims to combine past craftsmanship with the style and innovation of present-day flooring. Expertly curated to meet the style and performance demands of today’s homeowners, 1866 carpet is the idyllic blend of beauty and durability. 

EnVisionSD Pet Solutions Carpet

Attention all pet owners: Masland’s EnVisionSD Pet Solutions carpet is the next evolution in pet-friendly and attractive flooring. With advanced protection against pet stains and accidents, EnVisionSD is the perfect flooring for the entire family, pets included!

Trucor Hard Surface Flooring

Masland’s assortment of TRUCOR flooring options includes TRUCOR PRIME, TRUCOR Tymbr XL, and TRUCOR Prime Pinnacle. These hard-surface Masland flooring options offer realistic wood visuals and provide stunning character for residential and commercial spaces. While Masand began as a soft-surface flooring company, their TRUCOR line is an example of the company’s continued desire to innovate to meet the ever-ranging needs of its customer base. 

Masland Flooring At Flooring 101

If you’re interested in learning more about our impressive selection of Masland flooring, we invite you to browse our selection. Contact us today for questions about Masland or other fantastic flooring brands.