Flooring 101: Featured Brand Of The Month: Mohawk Flooring

Each month, Flooring 101 aims to help celebrate with and educate on one of many beloved brands. We love our featured brands and want you to love them, too! By learning more about these fantastic companies’ backgrounds and products, we’re helping our customers make more informed decisions regarding the flooring they want within their homes. 

This month, we’re proud to feature Mohawk Flooring

At Flooring 101, we’re proud to offer Mohawk hardwood, carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl, and tile. Learn more about the history of Mohawk Flooring, the benefits of Mohawk Flooring, and some of Mohawk’s top products below. 

When finished, browse our fantastic selection of Mohawk Flooring either online or in-store!

The History Of Mohawk Flooring 

Originally established in 1878, Mohawk Flooring is among the most well-known and respected names in the flooring industry. Throughout its illustrious history, Mohawk has continued to innovate through cutting-edge products, award-winning designs, and well-constructed, durable flooring that consistently performs well in the home. Mohawk continues to lead the flooring industry through advanced products and stellar customer service with each passing year, offering everything from hardwood to carpet to laminate to luxury vinyl and tile. And yes, they assemble 100% of flooring products here in the United States.   

In many ways, the name Mohawk is synonymous with flooring. In offering some of the beloved flooring products on the market today, like their Smart-Strand Carpet, Solidtech vinyl, or RevWood flooring, Mohawk Flooring continues to raise the bar. If you want attractive, durable, and performance-driven flooring, there’s almost always a Mohawk product to match. 

The Benefits Of Mohawk Flooring

  • A trusted industry name with over 100 years of experience satisfying customers
  • Flooring products that are 100% assembled in the United States
  • A diversity in product offerings. Mohawk features a wide range of hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring products
  • Fantastic customer service and support

What Are Mohawk Floorings Top Products?

When talking about Mohawk Flooring, there are plenty of stellar product offerings. The three outlined below are a mere snapshot of our Mohawk Flooring products. 

SmartStrand carpet, from Mohawk, is an incredibly high-performing carpet option that promises both performance and durability. Expertly designed to handle the demands of modern living, SmartStrand is a great carpet option for busy families with children or pets. For a durable and low-maintenance flooring option, consider SmartStrand for your home. 

RevWood, Mohawk’s innovative wood-look laminate product, offers enhanced hardwood visuals in a durable, performance-driven product. With RevWood, homeowners get the natural beauty of hardwood flooring and the benefits of engineered flooring. Said benefits include resistance to spills, stains, and advanced protection against moisture. Overall, RevWood is a durable, stylish, and low-maintenance flooring option. 

SolidTech, Mohawk’s beloved luxury vinyl product, is on the cutting edge of all things vinyl. Available in a wide range of wood and stone-look options, SolidTech is that rare combination of beauty, durability, and performance. With proprietary technology offering stain defense, SolidTech flooring won’t require much maintenance within the home.

Mohawk Flooring At Flooring 101

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