Flooring Installations That Enhance Visual Interest

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There are so many subtle ways to add our personality within interior design, and sometimes the details make all the difference to craft a vibe that’s all our own. In addition to picking out our favorite flooring styles to anchor our rooms, it’s worth it to explore different installation patterns that can instantly enhance rooms with even more engaging presence.

With a little extra thoughtful planning, a patterned flooring installation can make your home feel more expensive and luxurious. For smaller spaces, clever flooring patterns can increase the perspective and make the room seem larger than it actually is! Also, flooring installations can give materials like laminate and luxury vinyl even more authentic hardwood and stone appeal. Here are a few of our favorite flooring installations that enhance visual interest:

Chevron Flooring Installation

Chevron Flooring Installation | Flooring 101

The trademark, eye-catching chevron pattern showcases an inverted V-shape that instantly adds sophistication to an otherwise ordinary surface. We love the use of chevron flooring installation within sleek, modern designs to attract attention without creating a busy feel that doesn’t serve the typically minimalistic aesthetic. To create chevron patterns, your flooring planks or tile will need to be cut at 45-degree or 60-degree angles so that each side can meet point to point. In this case it may help to work with a flooring installation expert to achieve the attractive zigzag look.

Herringbone Flooring Installation

Herringbone Flooring Installation | Flooring 101

Even if you didn’t know the name of a herringbone pattern, you will certainly recognize the look! This classic pattern provides a classic geometry that’s easy to achieve. Essentially, you will find the center point of your surface so that you can create a halfway line. Once you lay the most important first plank at a 45-degree angle, ensure the rest of the herringbone pattern is even and symmetrical on both sides of the line. Plank sizes where the plank length is cleanly, evenly divisible by the much shorter plank width will be much easier to lay out.

Diagonal Flooring Installation

Diagonal Stripe Flooring Installation | Flooring 101

A common approach by interior designers to help a tighter space feel bigger, is to use a flooring layout that will have a positive effect on the perception of the room. A diagonal stripe plank installation can help direct the viewer’s eye to see the room in a more expansive way! In this design, flooring is installed from the corners of the room as opposed to being installed straight along the wall. Even if your room has a great amount of square footage, a chic diagonal stripe pattern will produce a memorable room and dazzling first impression.

Parquet Flooring Installation

Parquet flooring installations use repeating square or rectangular formations to achieve a geometric mosaic. Tile can make it extremely easy to design a parquet patten, since only two pieces are needed to make one square. Once a tile square is created with the longest side of the tiles facing north and south, simply create the tile square next to it with longest side of the tiles facing east and west. The juxtaposition of the tile squares throughout the finished floor will create the recognizable pattern and make your surface more fascinating.

Planning a Flooring Installation

If you are interested in a flooring installation pattern but could use a professional opinion on which option might work best for your unique dimensions, a design consultation can help you come up with a solid approach! Also, getting ready for a new installation always take some careful planning and our Planning for a Flooring Project checklist can help you prepare for each stage of the process. Whether it’s measuring square footage, finding inspiration, determining your budget, or requesting samples, follow our handy guide to move your project forward confidently.

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