Future Flooring Trends For 2024

With each passing year comes an entirely new set of prospective trends. Whether you’re interested in fashion, technology, or flooring, learning about future trends may help to better prepare you for what lies ahead. While trends are not overly significant, learning more about what is popular societally at a given time can be exciting and help to make you a more educated consumer. 

This month on the Flooring 101 blog, we’re forecasting what we believe will be the flooring trends for 2024.

Hardwood Flooring

In 2023, many homeowners elected to have dark and brooding hardwood tones in their homes. This year, we expect that trend to continue alongside a consumeristic interest in more natural and basic hardwood species and looks. 

In addition to these natural hardwood looks and colors, wide planks are also expected to ascend in popularity. These wide plank hardwood looks help to broaden rooms within a home and make a space seem larger and less busy than it actually is. Wide plank herringbone hardwood looks will also be a sought-after look in 2024. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

As the cost of hardwood materials continues to rise with each passing year, wood-look luxury vinyl flooring should continue to be a desirable hardwood alternative for homeowners across the country. Offering more enhanced hardwood visuals every year, luxury vinyl plank hardwood, also known as engineered hardwood flooring, continues to rise in popularity. 

With these stylish visuals, homeowners are treated to a flooring option that is more adept at handling moisture and spills. Like the hardwood trends outlined above, those interested in wood-look luxury vinyl flooring will opt for wider planks and more naturalized colors. 

Tile Flooring

2024 tile trends will build off those that rose to prominence in 2023. Specifically, the checkerboard tile flooring look. The checkerboard tile look may vary in the colors and designs that homeowners opt for, but the general look and feel of the flooring will not. 

There is also the pervasive belief that eclectism, or the mixing or matching of tile materials, colors, patterns, shapes, and looks, will be prominent this year. Tile continues to see a rise in overall popularity as DIYers view it as a project they can take on within the home, allowing for potential savings. 

Carpet Flooring

2023 saw carpet flooring get funky within the home. Last year, many homeowners opted for lush, thick carpeting in various colors that harkened back to the age of disco. However, this year, there is an expectation that carpet trends will become more passive and muted. 

2024 carpet trends are expected to revolve around low-pile beige/pale carpet that is easy to maintain within the home. This more straightforward look may sacrifice style for substance. Still, for those interested in carpet, opting for something that is easy to care for and will undoubtedly age well is entirely understandable.

2024 Flooring Trends 

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