Get To Know The Six Basic Carpet Styles Available At Flooring 101

With its assortment of benefits and budget-friendly price tag, carpet is a flooring option that always seems to stay in style. Carpet is an attractive, cost-effective flooring that is comfortable underfoot. Anyone who has stepped foot on carpet can vouch for its inherent cushion and coziness. So, yes, we all know what makes carpet great. But what many don’t know is what makes carpet… carpet

At Flooring 101, we offer six distinct carpet styles for your home. By knowing the specifics of each style and the pros, cons, and overall functionality, you, as a homeowner, can make a more educated decision when it comes time to decide on a carpet for your home. While all carpet may seem similar, each style has fundamental differences. 

Let the team at Flooring 101 teach you about the six basic styles of carpet. 

Textured Carpet

Textured carpet is a dense carpet that hides footprints and vacuum tracks. It’s constructed with alternating twists of yarn to create a textured appearance. It is a durable flooring option that works throughout your home. With its eclectic appearance, textured carpet can hide stains and messes well. It is a good carpet style for families with children present. 

Saxony Carpet

Saxony or plush carpet offers homeowners a velvety carpet with a uniform look throughout the home. Saxony provides a more formal appearance and is a good choice for bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. Compared to textured carpets, Saxony is more apt to show footprints and vacuum tracks. Nevertheless, it is an attractive carpet option for your home. 

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet takes tightly twisted strands and adds yarn curls at the end to give the carpet a more tousled, casual appeal. Frieze carpet is ideal for busy areas as it doesn’t show as much wear and tear. It’s a carpet flooring option that offers durability and excellent value. 

Loop Carpet

Loop carpet is constructed of thick, uncut yarn woven into a series of closed loops. It offers tremendous durability and, thus, is ideal for high-traffic areas. Loop carpet is also quite attractive and comfortable underfoot. On the whole, loop is a fantastic flooring option for your home.  

Cut & Loop Carpet

The varying textures of cut and looped yarns combine to create pattern effects across the surface. Thus it is a very visually appealing flooring option. Cut & loop also holds up well under heavy foot traffic and hides stains, making it a popular flooring option for families with children or pets. 

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