How to Pick the Right Area Rug Size

Area Rug Sizes | Flooring 101

We truly adore all the stylish area rugs that you can use throughout the home. Since every room will present unique dimensions, we recommend that you tailor your rug sizes to fit each space perfectly. Once you select the ideal rug style to bring your room together with pattern, texture, color, and softness, using the perfect rug size will bring balance and proportion to complete the look!

As you begin to select new area rugs for your home, it’s a great idea to take accurate measurements of the room or space dimensions, and also think about the purpose of the room and the activity level it receives. You will see that area rugs are noted by the width first, with different lengths that follow. Once you have your measurements, here are a few of our favorite tips for how to pick the right area rug sizes:

Selecting Area Rugs for Larger Rooms

For the larger spaces in the home such as open floorplans or master bedrooms, you will probably start at 10’, 11’, or 12’ sized area rugs to frame the open space. In rooms like living rooms and dining rooms when you need a rug to help create seating arrangements, a 6’ or 7’ rug will probably be the appropriate size that’s large enough to bring multiple chairs together. Medium-sized bedrooms will likely call for an 8’ or 9’ area rug to create the perfect arrangement.

Selecting Area Rugs for Tables & Furniture

Area Rug Sizes | Flooring 101

Selecting rugs to balance furniture will generally call for 4’ and 5’ rectangular and rounded rugs to add color and proportion to beds and coffee tables. We always recommend a rug that’s large enough to fit all legs of a couch or table on the rug. Whether the shape of your table or furniture is square or rounded, match the specific rug shape including round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, or octagonal to mirror the piece cohesively.

Selecting Area Rugs for Smaller Rooms & Spaces

Area Rug Sizes | Flooring 101

In your bedrooms, a bedside area rug will help make the scene cozier and a 3’ rug is a great starting point to tie in a smaller space. For smaller bathrooms, a 1’x2’ area rug will likely suit this space for a soft feel underfoot. Depending on how small or large your outdoor patio or grilling area is, a 1’ rug to a larger 8’ rug made of weather-appropriate material will cover your exterior living space.

Selecting Area Rugs for Hallways & Entranceways

Area rugs are extremely valuable in hallways and transitional spaces for absorbing the impact and sound of foot traffic, as well as enhancing comfort and style. We would recommend starting with a 2’x3’ rug for your entranceway and adjusting the size as needed. In your hallway, start with a 2’ elongated runner and find a length up to 12’ to cover the entire area.

We can help you find fantastic area rugs that fit your style preferences and room dimensions like a charm. Contact Flooring 101 or visit any one of our seven Flooring 101 locations with your measurements for help from our area rug experts!