How To Prepare For Your Professional Flooring Installation

Congratulations! You’ve purchased brand-new flooring and are choosing to have it professionally installed. Soon, you’ll be able to fully enjoy this beautiful and highly functional flooring within your home. But before that happens, your installation crew must expertly install your flooring. Fortunately for you, the installation team at Flooring 101 is ready, willing, and able to expertly install your brand-new flooring regardless of the size and scope of the job.

With a professional flooring installation comes the assurance that the job will be done correctly and on time. While the installation process and overall timetable may vary depending on the flooring material in question and the size of the rooms where the installation is set to take place, the preparation process will largely remain the same. This blog post will help you better prepare for your professional flooring installation by outlining the steps you should expect to take place before your installation begins.

Follow these steps to prepare for your professional flooring installation with Flooring 101:

Schedule a flooring measurement

This completely free in-home measurement will be done around your schedule. Once finished, we will use this measurement to estimate the cost and prepare for your installation. For more information on our process or to schedule your measurement, visit our measurement page today.

Discuss whether your existing flooring needs to be removed

It’s good to have clarity early on in the installation process as to whether or not your existing flooring will need to be removed. Whether or not removal is necessary will depend on the new flooring installed and your home’s existing flooring.

If your existing flooring needs to be removed, your crew will discuss it with you beforehand.

Complete any painting work

Before your installation day, aim to complete any painting work you might want done. Doing this before your new flooring is installed can help to ensure that paint damage does occur to your brand-new flooring after the fact. This step is often done in tandem with removing furniture from the room in question (more on that later).

Potential painting projects include walls, baseboards, doors, trim, crown molding, etc.

Remove furniture and all other items from the room(s)

You are responsible for removing all furniture and items from the room(s) on installation day. If you cannot do so, let your crew know.

Ensure that children and pets are not present on installation day

Children/pets should not be present on installation day. This is for their safety and that of the crew. Flooring installation requires various tools and materials that could be unsafe for children and pets. It is also recommended that someone 18+ be present on installation day.

Complete a walkthrough with your crew

On installation day, a team member will complete a walkthrough with you. During this time, they will clarify the project’s goals and ask any questions they might have. This walkthrough is also an excellent time for you, as a homeowner, to ask any questions about the project.

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