How To Select Flooring For A Home Gym

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If getting to your local gym during a busy week is proving to be difficult to achieve consistently, it may be time to carve out the ideal space in your home to work out! With a home gym, you can get up at a moment’s notice and knock out a quick workout to burn some calories. Also, working out is an instant mood booster and a fantastic way for the family to do fun activities together that don’t require screentime.

Today’s innovative flooring options make it even easier to design a home gym that can handle the activity and remain easy to maintain. Also, you can thoughtfully design this flexible space to match the rest of your home layout so that you will be able to easily repurpose the room whenever you want to change the function. Here are a few of the key considerations for how to select flooring for a home gym that will help you stay active, fit, and healthy without your car ever leaving the driveway:

Home Gym Flooring with Scuff & Scratch Protection

No matter what room in the household you would like to convert into a home gym, it’s important to envision the type of workout you will be doing and arrange furnishings to accommodate. If you only intend to create an area where you stretch or complete yoga poses, then it will be easier to create a nook with enough space. If you anticipate performing exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, or step aerobics, now it’s time to prepare for scuff and scratch protection.

We love the idea of using well-rounded surfaces for home gym floors! Laminate floors feature reinforced aluminum oxide finishes that protect against scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear. Luxury vinyl floors also feature a natural resiliency that makes them more comfortable than other hard surface floors and offers superior dent resistance. By adding gym mats to support your weights, kettlebells, and gym equipment such as Peloton bikes, your home gym flooring will be even more protected.

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Home Gym Flooring with Moisture Protection

When you are in the middle of an intense workout, sometimes you may lose track of where your water bottle is. It’s incredibly easy to knock over a drink with your foot and create a spill while in an active motion. Also, if you are working out hard enough to perspire, your sweat beads can fly across the room! For these reasons alone is it extremely worthwhile to explore waterproof flooring or at least flooring that offers suitable moisture protection.

Laminate, luxury vinyl, and any waterproof varieties will be the ideal flooring options to investigate. Waterproof luxury vinyl floors have a tight lock between pieces that keeps moisture on the surface without damage and prevents absorption under the floor. Not only does this ensure your peace of mind while working out, but it also makes your gym flooring easy to wipe up and clean as needed.

Home Gym Flooring With Sound Absorption

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If you are worried about your workout making too much noise, remember that luxury vinyl flooring often features attached underlayment that will absorb the sound of foot traffic. You can also explore adding padding under your laminate floors as well to achieve a similar effect. Once again, using high-quality gym mats will also help alleviate this concern.

You can explore which area rugs could work on top of your hard surface floors to add another soft layer to your gym. Look for area rugs with a low-profile construction, with fibers that offer greater stain resistance, and rugs that are potentially even machine-washable. If your home gym is going to be on an outdoor patio or porch, outdoor area rugs will work well in these spaces and handle the elements. Make sure to use area rug pads to keep your pieces in place, prevent slippage, and help the rug surfaces wear more evenly over time.

Add some plants, either real or fake, and invest in colors and tones for your gym that inspire you! Before you know it, you will be working towards your health and fitness goals within the comfort of your own home. Contact Flooring 101 or visit any one of our seven Flooring 101 locations to begin your project today.