Let’s Talk About Retro-Look Flooring

Flooring, much like fashion, is cyclical. Trends from days passed can become popular again without a moment’s notice, leaving parents and grandparents to look on with amazement as the stylings that were popular when they were young are very much in vogue. In relation to home design aesthetics, these sentiments are invariably true as each generation tries to bring back the looks of old with their own unique spin on retro-look materials. 

When it comes to flooring, homeowners have plenty of retro-look options to choose from and consider. No matter what era you’re trying to emulate or what look you want to bring back into the fold, there is a retro-look flooring option for you. 

Tile Flooring

Perhaps of all of the flooring options mentioned on this list, tile offers the most extensive selection of retro-look options. Maybe it’s because of the sheer number of tile combinations available to homeowners, or just that the material is innately a bit of a throwback. Still, tile flooring is a fantastic option for those looking to add an old-school touch to their home. 

Of the retro tile options on the market, the black and white checkered look is among the most popular. This clean patterned flooring is versatile enough to function well in kitchens, bathrooms, and even living areas. Another popular tile look is that of the mosaic tiles. These uniquely shaped tiles, available in hexagons, octagons, squares, and much more, provide a stately flooring look that harkens back to decades past. 

With tiles, you can select the patterns, shapes, and colors that are most indicative of the retro look you’re trying to go for. This level of customization has helped make tile one of the go-to flooring options for decades. Low maintenance and durable, we’re confident that you’ll love the retro-look tile in your home. 


Like tile flooring, carpet also offers a tremendous selection of retro-look flooring options for homeowners. While perhaps not as customizable as tile, with its ability to allow homeowners to mix & match until their hearts are content, carpet and its wide assortment of patterns, colors, designs, and even carpet fiber and pile options make it a popular choice for those seeking something dated. 

Something like a shag carpet is a solid option for someone trying to bring back that 70s look. Uniquely colored carpet tiles will also achieve a similar effect. It could even be as simple as selecting a carpet color that has long been out of style, like burnt orange, dark purple, or sea-foam green that could satisfy your desire for something retro. 

Carpet offers many retro-look flooring options for homeowners seeking something of the sort. Added benefits of carpet include its affordability, overall comfort, and inherent warmth, 

Hardwood Flooring

Last but certainly not least, on our list of retro-look flooring options is hardwood. Not only is it one of the most popular flooring options on the market today, but it has been in demand for hundreds of years. With this rich history and continued popularity, too, comes many unique hardwood styles and looks to consider when considering a retro hardwood look for your home. 

Available in a wide range of colors, species, shades, and textures, for homeowners looking to obtain a retro hardwood look in their home, there are various options to consider. With different tones, plank sizes, amounts of distress, and more, a homeowner seeking something with an old-school wood look has several excellent options to consider. An inherently dated and unique-looking material as is, not much work needs to go into making hardwood look retro. 

For more information on the top retro flooring options for your home, contact the team at Flooring 101!