Perfect Carpet Colors for a Relaxing Bedroom Design

Your home is a sanctuary, the ultimate place to relax and unwind no matter what the world has thrown at youWithin the household, there is no room where that’s more significant than the bedroom. To create a calm, restful environment, you can choose your favorite design preferences for a magical, majestic master bedroom. Settling on the details, from selecting the proper lighting to choosing the right bedroom carpet – the texture, color, and pile  will simply require inspiration and intention!

Whether you’re looking for stylish carpet or the perfect area rug to cover your hard surface flooring, here are some bedroom carpet ideas to consider as you design the ideal relaxing space. Before you start looking at color wheels and carpet samples, there are a couple of essential factors to think about:   

  • Take stock of what you own and how it will look with the color carpet you choose. 

Is your bedroom furniture dark, heavy and ornate, or is it contemporary and light? The style of your furnishings will probably influence the bedroom carpet ideas you come up with. Think about establishing appropriate contrast to keep your bedroom engaging without feeling monotonous.  

  • Think of the type of performance you need from your carpet.  

Let’s face it: we live everywhere in our homes. It’s as easy to spill a cup of coffee in the bedroom as it is in the kitchen. If your bedroom will receive minimal activity and foot traffic, you can probably indulge in brighter colors and a plush carpet pile. No matter what color you choose, look for a carpet that’s stain-resistant and durable 

Color Concepts

Some colors are inherently soothing, typically the soft cool tones of green, blue, violet/purple, or gray. Green and blue are particularly associated with nature and the outdoors. Lavender is a popular shade and is related to relaxation. Light to medium gray is considered a neutral that works well with almost every other color. Look for carpet, either wall to wall or area rugs if you have hard surface floors, in these light, almost pastel shades.  

Knockout Neutrals

Gray/greige, beige and white work as neutrals in a perfectly peaceful bedroom. These shades promote calm and stillness and work well in smaller bedrooms to amplify light and give rooms a spacious feel. Pure white carpet can be tougher to maintain, but it’s possible to get the same effect with light gray or beige carpet. Generally speaking, a neutral color palette will age better over time design-wise and be easier to match for different design schemes. 

Textured Textiles

Embossed or patterned carpet is another beautiful way to introduce a small but potent color scheme into your bedroom. Patternprovide subtle shade, texture, and depth, while also echoing other features in the space or serving as a design counterpoint. In addition to adding visual interest, patterned carpets can also hide dirt longer between cleanings.  

A relaxing bedroom with the perfect carpet color is easily within your grasp. Would you like to talk to someone about your bedroom carpet ideas, or do you have questions about color and design? Our Flooring 101 carpet experts are ready to help you today!