The Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

At Flooring 101, we’re proud to offer a wide range of excellent flooring options that are perfect for your home. With each flooring comes its own advantages and disadvantages, just as each homeowner has their own specific needs. Whether you’re interested in the comfort of carpet, the durability of tile, the trendiness of vinyl, the customization of tile, or the budget-friendly nature and incredible stylings of laminate flooring, we can meet your needs.

This month, we’re highlighting laminate flooring and noting why it might be the perfect option for your home. So sit back, relax, and learn more about what makes laminate special.

Laminate Floors are easy to maintain

Laminate flooring offers simple maintenance for homeowners with families or pets or who are generally on the go. With laminate, daily broom sweeping is all that is sure required to keep your floors looking great day in and day out. Broom sweeping will help to eliminate dust and other debris and prolong the lifespan of your laminate floors.

You can also mop your laminate floors periodically as well, but if you do so, be wary of using too much water. Aim for a damp mop instead of a soaking wet one when maintaining your laminate floors. Depending on your foot traffic, sweeping and mopping should be completed as needed. Laminate is also resistant to scratches, spills, and stains, helping to solidify its status as a low-maintenance flooring. Laminate is easy to maintain and durable, especially for its price point.

Laminate Floors are affordable

According to Home Depot, laminate flooring can range from $0.79 to $3.00 per sq. ft. The price of laminate may vary depending on brand, style, and other factors. Overall, laminate is considerably more affordable than hard surface flooring options like hardwood and tile, both of which can cost $5 per sq ft. or more.

Laminate Floors are durable

Just because laminate is more affordable than other flooring options, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable. As a flooring option, laminate floors have built-in scratch and stain resistance, enabling them to age better than other flooring options. According to Forbes, laminate flooring can last 15-25 years if adequately maintained.

Laminate Floors can mirror the look of Hardwood or Stone

One of the most beloved qualities of laminate flooring is the ability of the material to mirror the look of hardwood or stone but at a much lower price. With each passing year, laminate visuals reach a higher and higher level of authenticity when emulating these more costly materials. Even better, laminate floors offer a beautiful appearance alongside the other advantages of engineered flooring, like moisture resistance, resistance to scratches, and resistance to UV rays.

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Laminate floors are available in various colors, patterns, plank sizes, and overall designs. No matter what you’re looking for, a laminate option exists for you. And the team at Flooring 101 is here to help. Are you interested in learning more about our selection of laminate flooring? You can browse our incredible selection here or contact us today to learn more!