The Best Carpet for Your Bedroom

For many of us, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. They are where we unwind, seek rest, and welcome a new day. Our bedrooms act as a refuge and a place to recharge, and as such, comfort is paramount.

In addition to finding a good mattress and selecting a soothing color scheme,choosing the right carpeting helps ensure that your bedroom is as functional as it should be. But with so many different styles, fabrics, and designs available to you, how do you know which carpet is best for you and your bedroom? At Flooring 101, we’re here to help.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting carpet for your bedroom:


How much are you willing to spend on bedroom carpeting? Are you on a budget?


Do you already have an existing style in your bedroom that you need to adhere to? Will some colors and designs clash with your current decor?


Carpeting is generally more comfortable than other types of flooring, but certain types are more plush and soft than others. Is comfort a priority for you?

With these factors in mind, let’s now consider which type of carpeting is best for your bedroom:

Loop/Berber Carpet

When deciding on carpeting for their bedrooms, many opt for Berber, or loop, carpet. Both durable and affordable, Berber carpeting comes in a variety of colors and styles, allowing for considerable customization.

More stain-resistant than other types of carpeting, Berber carpeting is ideal for children’s rooms or areas where pets are present. While perhaps not offering as much comfort, Berber’s value comes from its ability to withstand the test of time while still looking great.

Texture Carpeting

Texture carpeting, also known as plush, offers homeowners a flooring option that is affordable and easy to maintain. With advanced stain resistance and the ability to hide dirt and other debris, texture carpeting is another strong flooring option for those with children or pets.

As an added plus, it is also incredibly sound-absorbing, making it a popular choice for homes where your bedroom might double as your office. Texture carpet is so comfortable, it will have you looking forward to getting out of bed each morning!

Pattern Carpeting

A combination of texture and Berber carpeting, pattern carpeting is a visually stimulating flooring option that can help add style and personality to your bedroom. Available in many different designs and colors, pattern carpeting provides depth and texture to your bedroom design.

In addition to its beauty, it’s also incredibly durable, easy to clean, and helps hide stains, dirt, and other debris. If you’re looking for a customizable and unique carpeting option to help spruce up your bedroom, consider pattern carpeting.

It could be argued that the bedroom is the most important room in the home. When we open our eyes in the morning, what is one of the first things we’ll see? Our bedroom flooring. Whether you’re looking for function, style, comfort, or a combination of the three, you can’t go wrong with newly installed carpet in your bedroom.

Interested in learning more about the bedroom carpeting options available to you? Contact us today to discuss how to get soft and inviting carpeting in your bedroom.