The Best Carpeting for the Living Room 

Whether the carpeting in your living room has seen better days or you’re just ready for a style change, shopping for new living room carpet is an important investment. Durable enough to handle constant activity yet stylish enough to turn heads when hosting, your living room carpet will ideally shine while providing soft performance. When it’s time to look for the best carpet for the living room, here are several factors to keep in mind before your purchase.


In many homes, especially those without a separate den or family roomthe living room is a central activity and gathering hub with people, pets, and playthings often strewn all over the place. The best carpet for the living room will withstand the wear and tear of daily life, as well as occasional hightraffic events like parties or large family gatherings too.


A well-constructed living room carpet will make a huge difference in the performance and appearance of the space over the years! Carpets get their strength and stability from the fibers bound together, twisted into yarn, and sewn into the backing. The more fibers in each yarn, the stronger and denser the carpet, and the better its performance. Cut pile carpet constructions feature yarn tips that are cut to eliminate all loops, creating fashion-forward carpets with a softer, thicker pile. This rich construction is a great fit for more formal living rooms that are primarily for hosting. Additional eye-catching, best carpet options for the living room include: 

  • Textured – offers a dense tailored pile with a neat, formal look.
  • Saxony – also known as plush, with a smooth, velvety pile.
  • Frieze – easy to clean and maintain, it’s excellent for high traffic areas.


Different carpet fibers will provide exceptional qualities for your living room, and the best fit for your home will depend on the most important traits you desire and household activity level.  Cotton will give you a carpet with exceptional color clarity and soft pile but may not offer the highest level of stain resistance. Nylon carpet offers reliable performance for a medium activity level while remaining resilient, easy to clean, and attractive. Polyester carpets will not be as fashion-forward as other fibers but present a valuable price point for new families looking for a fast replacement. Triexta fiber creates a soft, highly stainresistant and durable carpet fiber, that can handle any activity level while cleaning up easily and effectively.  The right combination of carpet construction and carpet fiber matched for specific household factors such as activity level and pets will minimize the cleaning time it takes to keep your living room carpet pristine!  


While your favorite carpet color is determined by your personal preferences, decorating taste, and the design scheme of your living room, a savvy shade can also help keep your carpet looking fresh for longer. If you have active children or multiple pets, a patterned or textured carpet with multiple color flecks can hide pet hair and dirt better between cleanings, as well as camouflage any permanent stains that occur over its lifespan. If you are purchasing new carpet before relisting your home on the market, or intend to do so in the forthcoming years, choosing an easy-to-match, neutral living room carpet color will attract a wider range of prospective buyers.   

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