Top Trends in Waterproof Flooring 

waterproof flooring in Ventura, CA

For all the times that you’ve discovered a puddle on your floor, with no idea when or how it got there, waterproof flooring is the solution that you have been dreaming about! Modern innovation has produced incredible waterproof resilient and hard surface options that can handle unexpected spills, pet accidents, and high-humidity levels with ease. With these valuable products, now your kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and even basements can have the fashion-forward look you crave in a finished floor designed for premium performance. If you’re ready to explore our huge in-stock inventory and take advantage of sale pricing, here are some of our favorite top trends in waterproof flooring:



We already love luxury vinyl tile for its incredible ability to realistically emulate the refined character, beauty, and alluring textures of wood and natural stone. Thankfully, vinyl products such as Oceanside Waterproof Luxury Flooring, available exclusively at Flooring 101, will serve your home with inherent resistance against excessive moisture. These striking styles capture all the latest hardwood trends and stone visuals with realistic rigid texture, and are immensely easier to install, allowing you to preserve more of your design budget while arming your home with incredible water protection.



Timeless and durable with exceptional design capability, ceramic and porcelain tile options with the lowest water absorption rates present waterproof solutions perfect for floors, counters, backsplashes, and showers. In addition to wood-look tile offerings available in wider and longer formats, geometric patterned tile and large format tile are trending and increasingly in-demand. We’ve also noticed the growth of creative tile installations using herringbone, chevron, and parquet layouts to provide extra visual interest.



For added durability and scratch resistance along with moisture protection, certified waterproof laminate flooring will provide the look and strength of hardwood in areas not well suited for solid wood. This stellar combination of water and wear defense is best provided by laminate products with the NALFA Seal to ensure any manufacturer’s claims. You will also need to verify that your laminate is approved for below-grade installation if neededAttractive laminate varieties are offered in all the trending hardwood looks including cool, darker wood tones, as well as airy, bright species, gray, and greige variations.


Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood is an exceptional, value-adding choice for luxurious flooring, but an engineered hardwood with waterproof technology will actually be able to resist conditions like swelling, cupping, cracking, and warping.  Engineered hardwood is made from real wood like oak, hickory, maple, and walnut, but is created with multiple layers to provide the added performance that you are seeking for your home. It’s imperative to choose an engineered product specifically designed for waterproof defense to guarantee that your floors can handle spills and moisture. For hardwood lovers, engineered options provide true wood character and graining, but are enhanced for the average household.  

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