What Are Area Rug Pads, And Why Do I Need One For My Rug?

In previous installments of the Flooring 101 blog, we’ve discussed area rugs and why they are an excellent alternative to traditional flooring options within the home. Area rugs offer maximum beauty and style with minimal cost. As a flooring choice, area rugs can add comfort, safety, and personality to any room within your home. 

However, area rug pads are not immune from sliding and bunching up, and when that happens, your flooring can become vulnerable to scratches and additional wear and tear. That’s where area rug pads come in. Area rug pads help to protect your flooring while ensuring that your area rug remains in place and looks great for years to come. 

This blog will define area rug pads while detailing the benefits and various types of rug pads. 

What are area rug pads?

Area rug pads are thin underlays that sit beneath your area rug. They are the same shape as your area rug and sit directly underneath, operating with invisibility. 

A rug pad makes an area less likely to bunch up or slide after someone has walked across it. Rug pads also add extra cushioning to your area rug, creating an even more pleasurable experience when walking across it. 

Rug pads are a necessary accessory for your area rug as they offer many excellent benefits, which will be outlined in the next section. 

What are the benefits of area rug pads?

The benefits of area rug pads include the following: 

  • Rug pads prevent your rug from sliding and bunching up, ensuring that your rug and your home always look great. 
  • With this lack of movement comes the assurance that your area rug won’t damage your floors from repeated movement. 
  • Rug pads also protect the fibers of your rug, helping to guarantee that they are flattened by continually being walked across. 
  • Rug pads add additional cushioning, making for a more pleasant walking experience while adding safety within the home. The thicker the rug pad, the more comfort, and safety it will provide. 
  • Most rug pads come with a warranty, giving buyers peace of mind. 

What types of area rug pads are there?

Area rug pads are available in a wide range of materials, including felt, rubber, latex, memory foam, PVC, and polyester. Though felt and rubber are the most popular. Rug pads come in various sizes to match your area rug. If one is not a direct match, you can always cut it yourself to ensure a better fit. Cutting your rug pad can be done without expertise or special tools. Typically a measuring tape, ruler, and scissors are all needed to complete the job. 

Area rug pads are available for both indoor and our use. 

Certain types of flooring will respond better to certain rug pad materials. 

Where can I get area rug pads?

Flooring 101 is proud to offer a wide range of rug pads and area rugs for your home. If you want to learn more about rug pads and what they can do for you, contact our team today!