Your Guide To Home Office Flooring

Of the many things forever changed by the coronavirus, working from home, for many, has become the new norm. As a result, having a serviceable home office has taken on an entirely new level of importance. What was once a place to visit in the evening hours to get some work done is now where some people are spending their entire days. 

Cubicles, workstations, and even spacious corner offices have given way to the office that is mere steps from where we sleep. Therefore it is essential that a home office is a place that is comfortable and promotes productivity—what better place to start than ensuring that you’ve got the right flooring.  

Here are the top flooring options for your home office:


Carpet is a solid choice for your home office as it is comfortable and features sound-reducing qualities. The benefits of comfort are, of course, obvious. Resting your feet on something soft and well-cushioned will undoubtedly help to make for a more pleasant workday. But why does sound reduction matter in terms of a home office? Let’s say you have a 4 pm and your children just got home from school. The ability to close your office door and block out any outside noise might prove beneficial when talking to your boss or a potential client. 

Moreover, carpet is attractive, low cost, and relatively low-maintenance. We think you should give some serious consideration to installing carpet flooring in your home office for all of these reasons.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic home office staple, and for a good reason! It’s durable, attractive, and can last for hundreds of years if properly cared for. More than just a flooring option, the right hardwood can refresh and revitalize any room in your home where it is installed. For the home office, hardwood presents a scholarly look and feel, which will help your home office feel like an actual office. 

With its overall lack of maintenance and unparalleled beauty, hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice for your home office. And, of course, it’s stain and spill-resistant, meaning that morning cups of coffee won’t leave lingering damage. Let hardwood help get you in that working mindset. 

Luxury Vinyl

For many, luxury vinyl has become the go-to home office flooring option as it is stylish, low-maintenance, and able to mirror other more expensive materials like hardwood. Resistant to spills and stains, so long as they are cleaned up promptly, luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect blend of beauty and comfort. 

As a home office flooring choice, luxury vinyl can help to elevate the room, making it seem like a place where work can be done. Take a look at some of our favorite luxury vinyl looks in our inspiration gallery

Tile Flooring

Another excellent flooring option for the home office is tile. Low maintenance, durable, and incredibly attractive, tile flooring allows homeowners to customize their flooring to a staggering degree. If you’re seeking more of a retro look, you can do it. Wanting something bright and cheery, you can do it. Or perhaps looking you desire something a bit more muted and serious? There’s a tile option for you. 

Also, stain and spill-resistant, like hardwood, tile flooring requires almost no maintenance to continue looking great and functioning well. With its inherent hardness, tile can weather the wear and tear associated with a desk chair. Overall, tile flooring is an excellent choice for your home office.  

For more information on the best home office flooring options, contact the Dolphin Carpet & Tile team today!